Automations: the upside to a process-heavy sector such as MSK
14 July 2023

Ask most people who work in the MSK sector, indeed most of those working in medicine, what the best aspect of their job is and they’re likely to tell you it’s the feel-good factor of making people better, of dealing with individuals.

What’s the worst aspect? In unison they’ll reply it’s the paperwork, the admin, the mountains of checking and filing.

And what do they all know? That the admin is an essential part of the work; that when you’re dealing with something as important as someone’s health there are rigourous processes you have to go through.

But there is one upside to the admin and the repetitive nature of these tasks and that is, when combined with the best technology, much of this can be automated.

What’s the cost of ignoring this issue? Let’s just consider how much time and effort is spent on repetitive administration tasks. If you’re managing a large MSK team you may be getting close to 40 or 50 patients through the door every day. If at the end of every session five minutes is spent on organising billing and sending out follow-on emails – and five minutes is an underestimate here – that means that four hours of every day is spent on one small administrative job; more than 1,000 hours a year, the cost of a part-time employee, taken up by a relatively straightforward process.

TM3 instead takes all of your repetitive admin and makes what you choose automated. It’s all so easy, able to automate literally hundreds of tasks across your business.

  • How does your reception react when there is a no-show? TM3 can take care of the reconciling of this event, sending out automated requests for new appointments and taking care of billing in line with your pre-agreed service agreements.
  • Marketing and outreach? No problem! TM3 can organise your patients across multiple tags so they you can keep them informed about tailored services — classes for example.
  • How has your team performed? TM3 can send out surveys at specific times in the patient journey to ensure that your patients’ expectations are being met.
  • Not forgetting the importance of clinical reviews — TM3 easily handles discharge review forms and distributes them in line with your own specific rules and conditions.

And programming all of this doesn’t require a PhD in IT – the interface is set up around a straightforward, easy-to-use logical path involving key conditions and actions, meaning that you can set up an automation to be a specific as you need it to be.

If all of this sounds too easy, why not give it a go? Simply call us up to arrange a demo, and take the first steps to automating what needs to be automated, shifting your team’s focus onto the most rewarding tasks of working in MSK.

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