Turn Your MSK Team Into Hospital Heroes: An Introduction to TM3
20 June 2023

Give us 30 minutes on June 26 to help you with the most important five minutes of your consultation!

Five minutes for something so important isn’t much!

We know that physiotherapists are 100% focused on looking after their patients, so the lion’s share of time in any consultation is spent with the practical care that patients expect. But we also know that the proper care of the patient is impossible without knowing why they’re in to see you, being able to track their progress and noting down the steps that you’ve taken during that particular consultation, so that everyone down the line is aware of your input.

Without that administration, the entire physiotherapy process is prone to risk and delay in outcome – and yet often in a hospital environment with a 30 minute consultation just five minutes is allocated to administration and notetaking. That’s five minutes to recap everything you need to know about the patient and to record everything at the end.

Whoa! That’s stressful!

With TM3, our philosophy is that you take care of the physiotherapy and we take care of the five minutes.

That means that instead of shuffling paper files around your desk and thumbing through notes to find the pertinent information you need, we take care of everything. Our easy-to-use interface means everything you need to know about the patient is there close to hand, from the notes that colleagues may have put in, to the targets that the patient wants to achieve, to the insurance details to make sure all the work that you put in is covered and authorised.

Just think – no more lost files, no more deciphering the different filing protocols from different teams and individuals, just all the information you need, where you expect it to be, allowing you to place all of your effort on your patient in the short time you have with them.

Join us for just 30 minutes at 12:30 p.m. on June 26 to find out how we can take care of your five minutes. Register here: https://bit.ly/webinar-turn-your-msk-team-into-hospital-heroes

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