Caseflow Worklists – where to-do lists are a help rather than a hindrance
10 May 2023

We all know that feeling – getting up in the morning, into the office and thinking about the vast pile of things we have to do. Life seems like ticking off an endless stream of tasks. What’s more that tally doesn’t follow any logic, it just melds into one giant burdensome rod for our backs. The thought of it explodes any inclination or ability to do productive work.

So what instead if there was a worklist that worked for us rather than against us? A tool able to tell us what was important, timely or pressing and what wasn’t, so that we would never let anyone down or a deadline pass by default.

For that, think Caseflow Worklists.

Caseflow Worklists benefit both team members and team leaders. The slick interface is their best friend in the world, helping them know what to do now, and keeping them abreast of how cases are progressing through other stakeholders. For team leaders, Caseflow Worklists can help monitor the broadest vantage of case management, letting them know where hold-ups are going to occur so that resources can be assigned to them before they become a problem.

Most importantly, Caseflow Worklists learns the specific requirements and service level agreements for each of your partners so that what needs to get done always does.

  • Highly configurable – our Worklists set up is intuitive and easily programmable. Input the key-time periods and requirements for each process and partner, and the list takes care of itself.
  • Prioritise what needs to be prioritised – Caseflow Worklists work in real time to assess the importance of each task across your teams. In essence, it manages your team for you day-to-day, allowing you to focus on strategy and planning.
  • Visual indicators – a traffic light system lets you know what needs to get done now, what needs looking at in the near future and importantly gives you confidence to know what’s taken care of.
  • Filters/searching – need to know how a particular case is progressing? Why there’s a delay for this particular patient? Find out easily and immediately the status of any case and where it’s sitting through our search and filter options.

It’s no wonder that case managers rely on Caseflow Worklists to let them know what needs to get done, and most importantly when the job is done. Now relax!

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