Smart software for the health industry

We provide secure digital platforms that enhance and connect the entire rehabilitation pathway

Manage patient cases, referrals and appointments with our integrated digital solutions – easily and efficiently

For Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Funders

A configurable solution to manage referral networks management and care coordination in healthcare

For Head of PTs, MSK Clinics and Fitness Studios

Linking healthcare referrers and treatment provider networks into a seamless experience

For Head of PTs, MSK Clinics and Fitness Studios

Clinic and practice management designed to transform client care and productivity

For Solo Mental Health Talk Therapists and Coaches

Streamlines your workflow in a modern digital workspace with connected features

Benefits of our interconnected products

Optimised Care Pathways

Reduced Admin

Seamless Workflows

Centralised Data

Better Collaboration

Efficiency & Productivity

Security & Compliance

In-house Payments

An easy way for patients to pay

BluezincPay is a fast, reliable payment product that makes it easy for patients to pay, whether it’s at reception or off-site.

Click comes with BluezincPay built in for all your software and payment needs.

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