• Smart Software for the Health Industry

    Smart Software for the Health Industry

    Specialising in the optimisation and automation of Referral and Practice Management.
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The whole can be more than the sum of the parts.

Our integrated solutions meet the specific needs of the rehabilitation market. Referrals can be managed securely, efficiently and with a truly digital patient journey to bring benefits to everyone. Our solutions can be used on their own, or combined to provide the ultimate platform for your business. Blue Zinc’s integrated product suite solves problems for all key stakeholders in the referral journey, not just one or two.

Referrals Management

A case management solution by MSK Case Management professionals

By embedding innovation and operational efficiency in your business, you can offer the service that your patients need and your clients demand. Caseflow combines the best in clinical systems, workflow automation, SLA compliance and network management to unleash the potential of your business.

  • Automate and improve your operations
  • Compelling service for your clients
  • Manage your network providers
  • Innovation for your clinical staff
  • End to end integration with your provider network

Everyone benefits from Pronto – funders, referrers, patients and clinics

Pronto is a first for the rehabilitation industry which transforms how referrals are made and improves the process for the referrer, the provider and the patient. With Pronto, referrers can link directly, securely and in real time with their network providers. So life for the referrer, clinic and patient is improved. The industry needed to change, and now it has.

  • Live and secure referrals and appointment booking
  • Appointment status updates
  • Management of treatment authorisations
  • Referral-specific, electronic clinical reports
  • Electronic invoicing

Referral Management Clients

Practice Management

World leading private practice software for MSK professionals

The best in class clinic management system for clinics of all sizes. From single clinics to large, multi-site operations, TM3 transforms how clinics operate, how clinical notes are recorded and gives insight into all parts of your clinic.

To learn more on how TM3 can work for you, visit the dedicated site tm3app.com


Practice Management Clients

Blue Zinc Full Service Offering

From Patient to Practitioner, From Insurer to Practice...

...and every step in between. The suite of products from Blue Zinc integrate across the healthware network. Designed, built and supported in the UK, the Blue Zinc team are always trying to make the industry more efficient and easy.

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