A dynamic team of professionals in the health tech industry

We produce solutions for all market sectors, from funders to practitioners

Who we are

Blue Zinc is proudly part of ClearCourse – a UK-based technology group that provides software and payments for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including start-ups, national retailers, many of the best-known charities, and notable brands across various sectors.

The group has a mission to build brilliant businesses by integrating the best software, payments, services and people, and we believe that by being part of ClearCourse, we can continue to scale and grow our business, and ultimately keep improving our software for you.

Being part of a larger group brings several benefits to our business – and our customers, too. As we are part of a larger group of software and payments platforms, we can tap into the knowledge and experience of our fellow ClearCourse businesses.

If there’s a chance to integrate our software to offer a better solution, we’ll take it. If there’s the opportunity to work strategically with them to enhance what we can offer you, we’ll do so.

To learn more about ClearCourse, our brands, our ethos and our work, check out our website at www.clearcourse.co.uk

Our ethos

At Blue Zinc, we believe that our technology revolutionises the way physical and mental healthcare, and fitness services are requested, organised and delivered. We empower businesses and professionals to provide top-notch services, streamline their operations, and deliver exceptional experiences to their clients.

Our mission

In 2022, Blue Zinc was acquired by ClearCourse an organisation with a shared vision of pushing boundaries and driving healthcare and fitness software innovation. Our mission is to keep pushing the boundaries of technology, making a positive impact on our clients and their customers, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more connected world.

Our products

Our digital platforms bring together and enhance the entire rehabilitation care pathway, serving physiotherapy clinics with TM3, providing an uninterrupted and seamless case management solution through Caseflow, extending networks through our Pronto platform, and serving the mental health clinic community with our revolutionary new app, Click.