Digital patient engagement – how it started and how it (could be) going
24 May 2023

“I’m just going to put you on hold for five minutes while I look up your details.”


That’s the phrase we all hate to hear when we are getting through to a helpdesk – even more so when we’ve already spent maybe 20 minutes listening to Greensleeves/Ed Sheeran/easy listening schmaltz. And even more so again when we’re sitting there with the worst case of backache and we’re just trying to arrange a consultation so that we can get back to working, looking after our loved ones, and enjoying ourselves.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Let’s try this again!

“Wow. I’m able to book my time at a clinic of my choice on this site, fill in all the details and even do my consultation online!”

That’s the service that your clients can expect with Caseflow’s leading case management solution for your patients and your clinics, with digital engagement centre stage in the platform.

No more call centres, being passed from pillar to post, waiting while your call handler accesses this or that file on one system or another, everybody asking you the same security questions and details over and over again!.

Instead it’s a seamless digital pathway that takes care of your patients, your partner clinics and your business’s reputation and bottom line.

  • electronic contact with patients
  • fully digital information collection – data, surveys, feedback, clinical forms
  • digital online appointments and consultations
  • all on one integrated system — no flitting across different platforms

At Caseflow we’ve been at the forefront of digital enhancement for the MSK sector for more than two decades and our platforms are used by some of the biggest names in healthcare. So come and talk to us about how you can transform the care that your patients receive and their interaction with your chosen rehabilitation network.

With Caseflow, it’s less argh! More ahhh!

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