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3 April 2023

Caseflow Automation: Why get a human to do what Caseflow can do better?

Automate: Verb: to put in machines which can do the work instead of people.

Here’s the problem that large healthcare management companies have: a vast amount of cases, a great deal of different actors to deal with and only a limited number of people that they can employ. In other words, it’s a simple resources allocation issue.

The Solution: Implementing Caseflow Automation in Healthcare Management

The answer to this is Caseflow automation.

Why so? Because Caseflow can help your teams cover more tasks in a shorter space of time, more efficiently and with less error than a team a multiple of the size could do. We specialise in taking the laborious task that swallows a vast amount of human effort and turning it into an automated process, leaving staff to deal with higher value activities that only humans can do, such as dealing empathetically with clients and patients, and working on judgement-led activities.

Benefits of Caseflow Automation for Healthcare Management Teams

From a user perspective Caseflow automation is simple: it sends emails, it moves processes onto the next relevant person, it reminds users when a task hasn’t been undertaken, it knows exactly the right protocols for each patient, and it manages the process across the various teams and clinics involved.

  • We digitise the operational process through process mapping – most of the steps taken within case management fit neatly into a digitalised process. We are experts at fitting your way of work into a digitised world.
  • We automate the steps within the process – usually any trigger point has a limited number of outcomes that a case handler will undertake. Whether it’s sending an email, or alerting another member of the team, we ensure that this is automated, freeing up staff time and cutting out the risk of error.
  • We apply business rules automatically without the need for individual user knowledge – why get a member of staff to thumb through many pages in the manual trying to find the next particular task that needs to be completed for this particular client? Caseflow learns your specific business rules so that it knows the right steps to take, again reducing error and confusion.
  • We move a process seamlessly across users and teams – managing the process across a range of actors and units within a business takes a lot of management headspace, headspace that needs time to think in order to avoid error, slowing the entire process down. Caseflow knows exactly who next needs to input into a process, whether it’s an approval or communication, and can deliver the next steps seamlessly throughout your business.
  • We generate important sub workflows – more often than not a particular task or trigger point may generate a whole new process that’s a vital component in order to complete the main task in hand. Caseflow knows when and where these new processes need to be kickstarted into action, shortening lead times and smoothing the entire care management process.
  • We drive service level agreement compliance — because Caseflow automates processes within the terms of your SLAs, your ability to meet targets set in your agreements is greatly improved.

Achieve More with Caseflow Automation in Healthcare Management

Ultimately, Caseflow automation allows yo

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