Whether hospital or one-person clinic, TM3 helps physiotherapists do more, better
28 February 2023

There are obvious differences in the needs of hospitals versus those of smaller clinics, but our philosophy is that whatever helps an individual physiotherapist do a better job can also aid hundreds. That’s why we are talking to more hospitals and larger institutions about the power of TM3 to support their clinicians help a wider range of patients, and deliver care more efficiently and effectively.

Why a physiotherapy-specific system?

The hospitals we work with see many hundreds of patients a day – many of those new cases – which brings a large burden of clinical record keeping, administration and reporting overhead. Generic systems, managing all aspects of a large clinical service, can’t provide physiotherapists with the precise functionality they need.

Using TM3 in a hospital department gives a range of benefits including:

  • improved record keeping and governance
  • enhanced security and GDPR compliance
  • reduced patient retrieval and storage costs
  • better patient engagement
  • maximised treatment times
  • a range of outcome measure collection including PROMS and PREMS

TM3 can integrate with third-party software solutions such as SAP and Salesforce so that it fits easily into your broader IT management framework, giving your organisation the best of both worlds.

Clinical record keeping

Our hospital physiotherapists tell us they depend on TM3’s unsurpassed MSK clinical records solution for consistent, accurate, secure and legible record keeping. It’s also hugely flexible and configurable.

Some key features:

TM3 Sketchpad – a revolutionary live image and body chart system that offers annotation and a range of interactive drawing tools. This engages patients and enhances their clinical experience, at the same time as providing useful information for the clinician.

Flags and alerts – designed by clinicians, this feature allows comprehensive identification of patient specific issues, flags and alerts, that can be based on clinical findings and are customised and colour coded.

Scores and goals – by providing a powerful tool to engage with patients, TM3’s scores and goals functionality helps improve outcomes and allows customised progress tracking at the touch of a button.

Clinical reporting, governance and audit

When running a large hospital, you need immediate access to high-quality aggregated data. M3’s clinical record functionality allows for quick, easy and effective clinical auditing at the touch of a button. No matter what – patient numbers, waiting time from referral to treatment, outcome scores – these figures are all readily to hand when needed for auditing, appraisal or planning purposes.

A range of standardised clinical measures including, PSFS, MSKPN, EQ5D, VAS and NRS sit effortlessly within TM3 – measurement can be configured exactly to templates that fit the data needs of the broader operation.

Patient engagement

Engaging with patients on various levels is very important in the delivery of effective care. TM3’s patient engagement tools will let you design your service delivery in a new and effective way with ease, whilst providing your patients with levels of service not previously possible.

Integrated patient forms include:

  • collect pre-treatment forms
  • in treatment updates for scores and goals
  • end of treatment surveys

And more…

TM3’s functionality doesn’t stop at that – as with our individual TM3 solution, hospitals can access our comprehensive diary and appointment management, integrated finance and billing, room and class management, all with the power of standardising your clinical management across your group.

Come be part of the next step in physiotherapy clinical excellence!

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