Our updated Quickstart Wizard will be magic
2 December 2022

There are innovations galore for clinics, funders and case managers in your soon-to-be-released Caseflow/Pronto upgrade.

We’re looking forward in the next few weeks to rolling out the latest enhancements to our platforms, and we’re especially pleased there are specific improvements for both the clinics that look after the patients in the care pathway, and the larger companies that oversee networks and fund treatment.

Firstly, clinics with TM3 that sign up to use our Pronto network to engage with case managers and funders will find the Quickstart Wizard much easier to use, with a much more streamlined sign-up process that will cut out some of the more onerous steps in the procedure.

Secondly, network managers – those funders and case management companies – will be able to ask for permission from their clinics to allow for a greater information flow via the Caseflow network management tab. For example, if your clinic allows, you’ll be able to identify the platform being used within your network, whether that be our own market leading TM3 app or external software such as PPS.

This innovation will help you anticipate the format and organisation of the data exchange you’ll undertake. And remember, Pronto is the meeting place for your network and the entire industry, whether clinics are using our own or another providers’ solutions.

For more information on the upgrade, please contact your sales representative.

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