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17 October 2022

We work with both the largest companies and the smallest clinics, building relationships through enhanced communications and data uploading.

In our latest blog, Pronto Network manager Carole Carson talks about the benefits of understanding the needs of the widest group of participants in the rehabilitation sector, and how that contributes to building relationships between the largest companies and their network of clinics.

“There are advantages to being a specialist – you get to know in detail a subject and think about the minutiae of how processes can be improved. These tasks are very successfully targeted in our business through the teams behind our clinic software apps TM3 and Click and our case management platform, Caseflow.

We have a slightly different take at Pronto because we are here to serve everybody in the sector. Our is job is to try to understand things from the broadest perspective – how large funders and case management businesses want to interact with the clinics that serve their clients; and how those clinics interact effectively with the companies that refer patients to them and make sure they get paid.

Pronto is all about communication, and communication builds relationships; therefore, we know that we have the potential to develop relationships and networks across the care pathway. Because clinicians are delivering services on behalf of these major businesses, they only want to work with the best clinics and clinicians available (their reputation depends on this). We also know that clinics and clinicians at the top of their game are in that position because they’re totally focused on looking after those in their care – they don’t want to be burdened with the extra administrative burden that sometimes these larger contracts can entail. We reduce that burden for the clinicians with our easy-to-use, intuitive system that readily imports data from its users helping to cut out unhelpful and unproductive manual data entry activities. The end result is an easier marriage for clinician and large service provider.

More of these major companies are appreciating the benefits that a dedicated communications/interaction/integration network for the rehabilitation sector can bring – so what are those benefits? Pronto allows for live appointment booking with a clinic on the network—no more telephone/email back and forth until you settle on a time! It also provides for the secure transmission of clinical reporting from funder through to clinic, and in return, the secure transmission of invoicing details (nothing is more private than health and financial details) from clinic through to funder. These three functions alone make the process simpler, easier and, crucially, more cost efficient.

We have signed up a number of major clients in recent months, which demonstrates the significant symbiotic benefits of the network. The more major companies join, the easier it is for our clinics to access the services that they need via Pronto. And from the major companies’ perspective, the more clinics managed via a single network, the easier it is for them. Add on the fact that Pronto integrates easily into all of our other platforms (and external provider platforms and apps too!) and you can understand the increased use and demand.

Of course, the growing attraction of Pronto is down to hard work. We’ve been dedicating the last few months to making significant improvements to the platform. As well as the ongoing continuous efforts to ensure our system is robust enough to handle the demands of our clients, we’ve listened closely to what our clients are saying. On our payments system, we’re looking to make it work so that it’s even more cost-effective for users. And we’re making sure that the system can auto-populate an increasing amount of data, limiting the administrative burden for users and making simple the onboarding process.

Right now, we’re planning for 2023, thinking what we can do to make our system even better than it is already and to meet the evolving needs of all users. But for that we do need input from our clients – if there’s anything at all that you think could make Pronto Network better, please do get in touch.”

About Carole Carson, Pronto Product Owner at Blue Zinc

I’m a Pronto Network product specialist and an experienced solutions analyst developing world-class business intelligence reporting.

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