Our integration into ClearCourse provides clear tangible benefits for our clients
16 September 2022

In our latest blog, Blue Zinc’s Business Development Director, Paul Arnold shares his thoughts on our integration into ClearCourse and the clear tangible benefits it provides for our clients. The same culture of innovation and service – only backed now by a major group!

Our integration into ClearCourse provides clear tangible benefits for our clients

From talking to senior management, I know that when you’ve spent 20 years building up a company from scratch and turning it into one of the most important businesses in its sector, you tend to be pretty careful (dare I say precious?) about what happens to it. That’s why when the founders agreed to sell the business to ClearCourse, one of the things they were most insistent on was that the benefits were less around corporate efficiencies for us and our new parent company, and more around what we could do better for our clients. Here’s a few things that I think will dramatically improve the package that we deliver to the wellbeing and rehabilitation sector:

Payments Platform

1. Money is the bedrock of industry and the efficient exchange of payments for services is one of the most important aspects of running a business. The health and wellbeing sector has a super-complicated supply chain and customer journey, involving a large number of different players, so it’s vitally important that we all have to hand a payments platform that’s both easy-to-use and good value. We now have the ability to place ClearAccept, ClearCourse’s proprietary payments platform, into our services, meaning that all of our platforms will be able to have a fully integrated payment system that is highly adaptive and with competitive rates.

More Services

2. ClearCourse is a focused company centred on solutions for a select number of sectors, one of which is health and wellbeing. I am delighted that the transaction gives us the power and scope in future to develop and offer a broader range of services to the health and wellbeing community. This isn’t as yet imminent, and we will be liaising closely with our new colleagues across the group and our clients to ensure that any solutions involve the best use of resources and are best placed to fill in gaps in what the sector needs.

Seamless Onboarding

3. Finally, as I’ve stressed many times there are two aspects to the business: the development of our platforms, and how we deliver these to our clients. It’s on the second of these that I feel being part of the ClearCourse group will add real immediate value to our clients. With the backing of a company of more that 900 staff and with multiple divisions, our ability to deliver and on-board our clients will be much enhanced. We hope will be able to take on bigger tasks and help a wider variety of companies, thereby ensuring increased utility for all of our clients as our platforms become the accepted standard across the sector. With enhanced access to resources such as development, operations and marketing, will be able to deliver more effectively to the people that need us.

In short, it’s the same business with an exceptional record of innovation in the sector, only now backed by a major company which takes what we do to the next level in terms of clout! I’m available as always to talk to our clients and to understand their needs. If you need to discuss anything at all about your service, please do contact me – we’re ready and willing to help.

About Paul Arnold, Business Development Director at Blue Zinc

I make a difference by helping the rehabilitation sector to improve their work processes for companies and employees, and most importantly, the care pathway for their patients.

With over 15 years of experience in the health and wellbeing industry, I deliver expertise in commercial development, strategic planning, product development, and innovation for the health and wellbeing sector.

I lead the corporate sales division at Blue Zinc, a Belfast success story and the leading clinic and management solution provider to the rehabilitation industry in the UK, Ireland and Australia. I get to meet brilliant people working in great companies.

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