Case Management Software

for Healthcare Providers and Funders

Transform the delivery of care across Physio, Rehabilitation, and Mental Health clinician and practitioner networks

Discover the magic of Caseflow for referral network management and care coordination

Automate and improve your operations

Caseflow brings together the latest in clinical systems, workflow automation, SLA compliance, and network management to improve administrative operations, business processes and drive clinical efficiency.

Compelling service for your clients

Caseflow simplifies and automates processes, removes administrative burdens, helps providers meet their patient obligations and response times for enquiries, treatment and follow-up care.

Features & Benefits

Network Management

Manage extensive networks of third party providers

Workflow Automation

Transform and streamline complex operational processes


Effectively prioritise and organise your team’s workload

Contract & SLA Management

Ensure clients individual SLA and Contract requirements are adhered

Patient Portal

Enables patient engagement with clinical services 24/7

Referral Portal

Efficient booking process for referrers, removing lengthy calls & emails

MI Reporting

Review complex data sets unique to your sector

Clinical Notes

Industry leading clinical assessment tool, rich in functionality

The Power of Precision

  • Transform Rehab and Referral management through superior functionality, self-configuration and scalability.
  • Work with our team to develop unique operational enhancements for innovative healthcare services.
  • Caseflow’s detailed Clinical Records, are the clinicians’ choice and set an unparalleled industry standard.
  • Foster stakeholder collaboration to improve care quality, enhance coordination, and reduce costs.
  • Empower patients to self-serve and meet the increasing expectation for individuals to manage their healthcare needs.
  • Utilise powerful Data Analysis that converts raw information into actionable intelligence to drive performance.

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