Everyone benefits from Pronto – funders, referrers, patients and clinics.

Pronto is a unique integration layer between referrers and treatment providers. It can be used in conjunction with Caseflow or on its own to enable a truly unique service and patient journey. Pronto enhances security and improves operations by enabling:

  • - Live and secure referrals directly to clinics in your network
  • - Live and secure appointment booking
  • - Appointment status updates
  • - Management of treatment authorisations for clinics in your network
  • - Referral-specific, electronic clinical reports
  • - Electronic invoicing

Pronto works with clinics who use TM2, TM3 and also PPS, who Blue Zinc have collaborated with to provide a unique solution.

What Pronto can offer
The benefits for a referrer using Pronto are numerous and include:

  • - True innovation: the referral market needed a solution to a slow, fragmented referral process with multiple patient touch points. Pronto is that solution.
  • - Transform your service proposition: with Pronto you can have a truly integrated and patient-friendly service, which revolutionises your offering to clients.
  • - Accuracy of information: you have instant appointment confirmations with no more waiting or chasing, which transforms your reporting and referral tracking.
  • - Improved Security and GDPR compliance: data security has never been more important, and Pronto gives secure, encrypted referrals.
  • - Improved SLA compliance: taking control of the appointment booking process helps ensure compliance with your SLAs.
  • - Improved operational efficiency: Pronto significantly reduces the administrative overhead for dealing with referrals.
Pronto gives patients a simply great service:

  • - Referrals and appointments booked in real time, while they’re speaking with a case handler (or online).
  • - No more multiple phones calls and waiting for an appointment to be offered.
  • - Offering appointments in real time improves patient access to face to face treatment.
  • - Patient data is secure and encrypted – essential for GDPR compliance.
Clinics benefit substantially from Pronto:

  • - A streamlined process from start to finish.
  • - Less administration, phone calls, voicemails and patient touch points.
  • - Improved security and GDPR compliance.
  • - No manual keying of data.
  • - Improved patient service.
  • - Enhanced offering to the referrer.
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