A secure and digital patient journey that improves the process and benefits all parties? Blue Zinc makes it possible.

Caseflow is the foundation of that journey.

Caseflow is a case and care pathway management solution designed by industry experts. It enables automation and innovation for healthcare organisations who need solutions for simple and complex referral management.

With industry-specific functionality, Caseflow provides connected and sophisticated solutions to bring a truly digital patient journey and benefits to everyone in the network.


Caseflow lets your organisation flourish, grow and respond to your clients

Caseflow provides:
Caseflow delivers operational improvements throughout your organisation via a powerful workflow engine to intelligently automate processes across all aspects of your business. Management of worklists, teams, users and information provides digital work allocation and tracking. Caseflow ensures your staff have the right tools to provide a great service to your clients and patients, whilst supporting the optimal utilisation of resources. Caseflow’s workflow engine is flexible and configurable, meaning you can evolve to meet the opportunities in front of you.
We all exist to serve our clients. Clients and funders need secure digital referrals, up to date information at their finger tips, access to appointment statuses, clinical reports and invoices. Caseflow delivers these, and more via a secure online portal or integration. Clients also expect SLAs to be met. Caseflow intelligently prioritises worklists and provides flags and warnings to ensure you deliver on what you have promised.
If you operate a provider network, Caseflow can transform how you work. The management and classification of provider networks can be complex and is critical to your business. Caseflow has been designed from the ground up to support the use of provider networks and make this easy. Caseflow manages networks, clinics, clinicians, availability, pricing, disciplines, services, ratings, compliance and more. With Caseflow, Network Management is easier, takes less time and works better.
Caseflow doesn’t just improve your administrative operations and business processes. Caseflow enhances how your clinicians work. Whether it’s triage services or the delivery of treatment, Blue Zinc’s history of industry-leading clinical records systems means that your clinical staff will have the best tools to do their job.
Blue Zinc’s integrated product suite has transformed the rehabilitation industry by enabling true integration with treatment providers. Blue Zinc’s Pronto Network enables live and secure:

  • - Referrals
  • - Appointment Booking
  • - Authorisation Management
  • - Referral-specific electronic clinical reporting
  • - Electronic Invoicing
  • - Appointment Status Updates
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