18 November 2022

One year at Blue Zinc – balancing business, breakfast, marathons and my mum!

One year at Blue Zinc – balancing business, breakfast, marathons and my mum!

In our latest blog, Blue Zinc's Business Development Director, Paul Arnold, talks about how colleagues and clients have contributed to a whirlwind and successful first 12 months at the firm, but that the icing on the cake is the post red-eye flight breakfasts with his mum.

In the grand panoply of anniversaries maybe this isn't up there with the BBC centenary, but my first year at Blue Zinc for me at least has been a joy combined with a serious dose of hard work, early-morning flights, lots of discussions with key clients and soon-to-be clients and, I hope, increased responsiveness on the part of our corporate team here in Belfast.

I noted after my first hundred days how much I had learned about the business – that learning kept going over the next 265, and that was down to both the great people that I work with and also the dedicated leaders in our client companies who are doing all that they can to improve and make more efficient the care pathway for patients. That learning has been the basis of building key relationships across the industry, many of which we have managed to build into broader business contracts as the scope of our products has widened. Most notable this year has to be the introduction of the Caseflow Patient Portal, which gives effect to a fully digitised service for patients as they navigate their care and rehabilitation in MSK and in mental health.

The other task I focused on is improving our communication and that's all built upon a clear plan and clear implementation. I hope you've all appreciated our attempts to reach out more to the wider community via LinkedIn and other social media. Our increased profile has been rewarded through making new friends and contacts for our company and, most notably, through reaching the finals of the National Healthcare Awards.

The downside to all is I fear rocketing cholesterol levels, driven all the higher by the 20 odd Ulster fries I've managed to share with my mother on those early mornings when I darkened her door after arriving in on the first flight from Edinburgh. The fact I've now signed up to run the London Marathon next year (more details to come) may mean that from 2023 it's going to be all Bircher muesli and fruit juice rather than bacon and black pudding.

So all in all a big thank you to everybody who's helped me ease my way into this role – the wonderful team at Blue Zinc, the great network of clients and professionals across the sector, and of course not forgetting my wonderful mother. Here's to another year of learning and fun, hopefully though a tad lighter on the fat intake!

About Paul Arnold, Business Development Director at Blue Zinc

I make a difference by helping the rehabilitation sector to improve their work processes for companies and employees, and most importantly, the care pathway for their patients.

With over 15 years of experience in the health and wellbeing industry, I deliver expertise in commercial development, strategic planning, product development, and innovation for the health and wellbeing sector.

I lead the corporate sales division at Blue Zinc, a Belfast success story and the leading clinic and management solution provider to the rehabilitation industry in the UK, Ireland and Australia. I get to meet brilliant people working in great companies.

Mrs Arnold also does packed lunches apparently – Paul still needs building up.

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