30 May 2022

The Caseflow Client Portal - we've all heard enough hold music

Caseflow Client Portal

Here's the question – at present you can buy your grocery shopping online, your clothes online, you can do your banking online, you can apply for a mortgage online, you can provide your tax return online, you can pay all your bills online, you can book your flights, your hotel, your restaurant online, you can even organise dating online…and at the end of that you may well end up having a partner for life.

So why on earth can you not organise your rehabilitation online?

Well now you can! We've been working with our partner organisations across the wellbeing and rehabilitation sector to devise a portal that can be used by patients to organise and set up their treatment without the hassle of having to go through a bank of call operatives, be called back later in the day, have to listen to some hold music and generally take hours for what should just take minutes.

Of course, the rhetorical question above is a bit disingenuous. The reason that it has taken so long to get to this stage is because we all work in a procedure heavy industry that involves several stakeholders all coming together for every new transaction. We have the individual themselves; we might well have the company that they work for, we have the service provider that the company has procured, we will have the funder, and all before we even get the stage of picking the right clinic and clinician.

Fortunately, Caseflow Client Portal dispenses with all that. We've managed to build a solution that can integrate all of these tasks into one patient-facing portal which means it's as simple as logging on, inputting your details, selecting the appropriate service and the system takes it from there. Add a digital triage platform into the mix, and patients may very well be able to get from injury to treatment in one step inside the portal.

The digital journey has been available across so many sectors for so long people now expect the same ease-of-use and access on their own terms in their own time in all of their life. We’re delighted to be part of that trend, giving people the time and the freedom to organise their treatment and rehabilitation as and when they want and need.

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