17 June 2022

Announcing Caseflow 3.5 – building a truly digital case management pathway from companies to clients

Caseflow 3.5

We're delighted to announce that Caseflow, the premium solution for insurers, funders, case management companies and clinics, has been updated to include full digital-pathway booking platforms for both companies and patients – this comes alongside enhancements to ease the payment process and allow our customers link through to third party software.

Highlights include:

1. An enhanced insurance company and funder portal that links, via a case management database, straight through into the appointment books of thousands of clinics, empowering case handling staff to book appointments that patients need there and then. Caseflow 3.5 reverses the tedious initiation process by making a booking for time and location of an appointment first. All the background data is either pre-populated or added and verified later. Now patient interaction can be about the patient needs rather than about a frustrating preliminary security and history quiz.

2. A new, easy-to-use digital care pathway that allows patients to manage triage and appointments through their PC, tablet, or smartphone, at their convenience, day or night. By allowing self-referral and service selection, appointment booking and management, status checking and even digital triage all online, we reduce the administrative burden across the case management value chain, and bring the rehabilitation client experience into the 21st-century.

3. Better payment system connection that allows clinics to go direct and fully permissioned to the source of funding for each patient. No more invoices travelling through a myriad of different checks and procedures - Caseflow has streamlined its links to the Healthcode platform allowing direct, immediate and no fuss payments, helping clinics focus on the task of rehabilitation.

All of this can be fully integrated with our benchmark setting clinic management packages - TM3 and Click, through our Pronto Platform; connecting the entire mental and physical rehabilitation ecosystem.

Talk to your Blue Zinc representative about how Caseflow can transform the efficiency of your case management process and build an unrivalled experience for patients and clients.

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