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Our updated Quickstart Wizard will be magic

There are innovations galore for clinics, funders and case managers in your soon-to-be-released Caseflow/Pronto upgrade.

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One year at Blue Zinc – balancing business, breakfast, marathons and my mum!

In our latest blog, Blue Zinc's Business Development Director, Paul Arnold, talks about how colleagues and clients have contributed to a whirlwind and successful first 12 months at the firm, but that the icing on the cake is the post red-eye flight breakfasts with his mum.

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No ifs, no buts, we serve only the rehabilitation sector

If working in this industry for 20 years has taught us one thing, it's that the rehabilitation and well-being sector needs sector-specific platforms in order to thrive.

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Pronto — building relationships throughout the case management pathway

We work with both the largest companies and the smallest clinics, building relationships through enhanced communications and data uploading.

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Getting company culture right – the toughest job, the most valuable asset!

In our latest blog, Blue Zinc IT's People and Culture Manager Juliet Forster tells us why you can never take the Belfast out of Blue Zinc – its friendliness is part of our DNA and underpins our open and non-hierarchical culture.

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Our integration into ClearCourse provides clear tangible benefits for our clients

In our latest blog, Blue Zinc's Business Development Director, Paul Arnold shares his thoughts on our integration into ClearCourse and the clear tangible benefits it provides for our clients. The same culture of innovation and service – only backed now by a major group!

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A New Chapter: Blue Zinc joins ClearCourse

We're very proud of the journey that Blue Zinc has taken over the last 20 years during which the company has grown in many ways (our team, products and clients). It continues to be a privilege to provide our products and services to such a fantastic group of healthcare professionals who spend their time improving the lives of others.

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Meet Lewis Bodel, our new Product Owner for Caseflow

From Belfast to the Middle East and back again (via Naples!) Caseflow's new manager ruminates on the importance of robust coding… and pizza. 🍕

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Blue Zinc Shortlisted for COVER Magazine's Customer Care Awards 2022

We're really proud to have been shortlisted as a finalist at COVER Magazine's Customer Care Awards 2022! But humility is often overlooked as a positive attribute in business — and rather than shouting about what we do, we just get on with it. In fact, we've been getting on with it for the last 20 years.

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The Three-Fold Foundation of Large Data Management

Our world is increasingly ruled by decisions made on the back of data, and this is no bad thing – data transformed into information can empower people through knowledge and improve the decision-making process. Read Robert Roemer, Corporate Division Manager at Blue Zinc's latest blog: 'The three-fold foundation of large data management'.

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Announcing Caseflow 3.5 – building a truly digital case management pathway from companies to clients

We're delighted to announce that Caseflow, the premium solution for insurers, funders, case management companies and clinics, has been updated to include full digital-pathway booking platforms for both companies and patients – this comes alongside enhancements to ease the payment process and allow our customers link through to third party software.

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The Caseflow Client Portal - we've all heard enough hold music

Here's the question – at present you can buy your grocery shopping online, your clothes online, you can do your banking online, you can pay all your bills online, you can book your flights, your hotel, your restaurant online, you can even organise dating online… and at the end of that you may well end up having a partner for life. So why on earth can you not organise your rehabilitation online?

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Enhance the patient experience like never before with Caseflow's new Client Portal — the ultimate digital patient journey

Creating the perfect, easy-to-use care pathway is the holy grail for us all in the rehabilitation sector, so we are delighted to announce that our industry-leading Caseflow case management solution now contains a portal allowing patients to manage triage and appointments through their PC, tablet or smartphone.

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Twenty six client meetings (and several breakfasts with my Mum) and counting! My first 100 days at Blue Zinc

One hundred days ago, Paul Arnold, Business Development Director took up a new role, heading sales for the corporate division of Blue Zinc, a company that provides case and referral management solutions for the rehabilitation sector.

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