Connecting the Industry...

Blue Zinc IT is a technology company in the health industry,
specialising in automating and connecting the musculoskeletal and talking therapies arenas.
We produce solutions for all parts of the market, from insurers to practitioners.

About Us

Blue Zinc IT was formed in 2002, starting off as an integration consultancy company.

In 2003, it purchased the rights to an ageing physiotherapy practice management system, Time Machine, together with around 50 paying customers. In consultation with those customers, Blue Zinc IT completely re-built the system from the ground up and TM2 was born. Many versions later, TM2 remains the core product of the Blue Zinc IT suite with over 10,000 practitioners now using the software over many continents.

Blue Zinc IT also brought many other innovations to the market on the back of TM2. The first live online patient appointment booking service in the industry. The first MSK specific touch screen electronic notes also followed and that was what gained us recognition by some of our larger clients, such as Nuffield Health as well as our strategic partnership with Physio First, the organisation for private practitioners in the UK.



Other services were introduced to supplement the software and to provide a more complete service. In partnership with similar innovative companies it launched its fully integrated virtual reception service and soon will be launching its credit card processing service.

With increasing industry knowledge, Blue Zinc extended its reach from the clinics to the other areas of the market, including Insurance companies, corporates, referral companies and case management companies. This market was hugely heavy on administration (and still is) and was ripe for automation and integration.

Our case and network management product, Caseflow, was built on TM2 technology allowing MSK specific clinical reporting and industry models to be used to produce the industry’s first non-generic product giving sophisticated out of the box features together with complete process flexibility.

Pronto quickly followed, allowing all the industry players to begin to talk to each other through live referrals and appointment booking and electronic invoicing and clinical reporting. Pronto is now live in the MSK and mental health arenas and is driving the market for fully integrated solutions.

Now with over 45 staff, Blue Zinc continues to grow in the markets it operates in and to invest in its current and new products. It has an exciting road map for TM2 and our other products and will continue to lead with new and enhanced features.

Customers who have adopted Blue Zinc IT technology and services have seen huge savings and more focussed and enjoyable customer experience. Its products are designed to enhance businesses and solve problems.

Blue Zinc have dedicated implementation teams, both for our clinic software and for the larger projects that we do. Our teams know the industry. They understand how a practitioner works, the issues they face and what they need to ensure the success of their business.

Since 2009 we have had a full time clinician on our staff working as a Blue Zinc consultant both to our clients and to our product development team.

Our customer service team are equally as well trained. Our clients’ success is our success and our products grow and develop only with their help.

Blue Zinc IT is wholly privately owned by its directors and staff and is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It operates in Ireland, the UK and Australia (via distributorship) as well as having clients in the Middle East, the Far East, Europe, Canada and South Africa.

As a company we believe in inclusive management with a flat structure to ensure that everyone can participate in the decisions of the company and products. Work is something that people should enjoy and so we listen to our teams and do what we can to make our working environment is a great place to be and the work is interesting and fulfilling. The investments we make ensure our product sets use the latest technologies and that we are leading the market. This, together with our staff ownership and flexible working ensures that Blue Zinc IT has a very low staff turnover and very experienced team.

Our company has invested heavily in information security, both internally and for our clients and with data centres in Belfast, Manchester and London, our solutions are both secure and resilient, managed by our dedicated Systems team.



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