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We are a dynamic team of professionals in the health tech industry...

Blue Zinc IT is a technology company in the health industry, specialising in improving, connecting and automating the musculoskeletal and talking therapies arenas. We produce solutions for all parts of the market, from funders to practitioners.

Our Mission

Blue Zinc IT was formed in 2002, starting off as an integration consultancy company. This means Blue Zinc has a strong record of delivering complex, corporate solutions.

In 2003, we purchased the rights to an ageing physiotherapy practice management system, Time Machine, together with around 50 paying customers. In consultation with those customers, we completely re-built the system from the ground up and TM2 was born. Many versions later, and in its latest, web based offering, TM3 remains the core product of the Blue Zinc IT suite with over 10,000 practitioners now using the software over many continents.

We also brought many other innovations to the market on the back of TM2 and TM3. The first live online patient appointment booking service in the industry. The first MSK specific touch screen electronic notes also followed. Secure, off site data hosting and a host of other features gained us recognition by some of the largest players in the market, as well as our strategic partnership with Physio First.

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Other services were introduced to supplement the software and to provide a more complete service. In partnership with similar innovative companies we launched a fully integrated virtual reception service and continues with a strong product roadmap, which recently included the launch of the next generation of clinical records, which sets new standards for clinicians.

With increasing industry knowledge, we extended our solutions from the clinics to the other areas of the market, including funders of treatment, corporates, referral companies and case management companies. This market was hugely heavy on administration (and still is) and was ripe for automation and integration. We have improved the process for all key stakeholders – funders, triage and case managers, patients and clinics.

Our new case and network management product, Caseflow, was built on TM3 technology to allow MSK specific clinical reporting and industry models to be used to produce the industry’s first non-generic product, giving sophisticated out of the box features together with complete process flexibility.

Pronto quickly followed, allowing all the industry players to begin to talk to each other through live referrals and appointment booking, and electronic invoicing and clinical reporting. Pronto is now driving the market for fully integrated solutions.

Now with over 50 staff, we continue to grow and we invest heavily in our solutions and our people. We have an exciting road map for our products, which combine to form a truly unique integrated platform for the rehabilitation market.

Customers who have adopted our technology and services have seen huge savings and more focussed and enjoyable customer experience. Our products are designed to enhance businesses and solve problems.

We have expert teams, both for clinic software and for the larger projects that we do. Our teams know the industry. They understand how the industry works, how a practitioner works, the issues they face and what they need to ensure the success of their business.

Our clients’ success is our success and our products grow and develop only with their help.

This is our story, we’d love to hear yours.

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